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The target population for this level of service must have a Mental Health diagnosis and be acutely or chronically mentally ill. Tynes Mental Health Agency, Mental Health Skill Building program will serve individuals between the ages of 18 (*) and 75 years old. The individual must demonstrate limitations that impair their overall functioning significantly. Their clinical need arises through impairments in the following areas: mental, behavioral or emotional. Due to the cognitive, behavioral, mental or emotional limitations these individuals will need support systems to help with their daily living. Individuals appropriate for this level of services will typically have a history of repeated interventions either through mental health, social service or judicial agencies. In addition, these individuals demonstrate difficulty establishing or maintaining normal interpersonal relationships, which influence their overall functioning in life.

Mental Health Skill Building


Intensive In-Home Services


Tynes Mental Health Agency, Intensive In-Home Program will serve individuals between the ages of 4 and 18 (*) years old. Intensive in-Home service is defined as family preservation interventions for children and adolescents who have or are at-risk of serious emotional disturbance. Services are usually time limited provided typically in the residence of an individual who is at risk of being moved to out-of-home placement or who is being transitioned back home from an out-of-home placement. These
services include crisis treatment, individual and family counseling, life, parenting and communication
skills, case management activities, coordination with other services and emergency response.

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